Twenty + Change is a biennial exhibition and publication series dedicated to promoting emerging Canadian designers working in architecture, landscape architecture and urban design who are pushing the boundaries of their discipline.
Twenty+Change is a non-profit volunteer-run organization, established to encourage the exchange of ideas, and to expose and disseminate the work of a new generation of designers addressing contemporary issues in their work. Juried by a group of noted practitioners, authors and academics from across the country, Twenty + Change features projects and practices that push the limits of their discipline, be it to engage the public realm in meaningful ways, investigate new ideas regarding typology, program or site, innovate in sustainability and material affect, or engage in new models of practice. In their built or speculative work, these designers are leveraging their professional ideologies to create rich opportunities that enhance their effectiveness in improving the built environment.

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    Copyright Twenty and Change, 2007, an exhibition of young design firms, held in Toronto, Ontario at the Gladstone Hotel, twentyandchange